Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cashing In

I'm going to admit it...I picked up the Unbroken box set off of eBay for well over the $30 it cost at the Glasshouse show. It was worth it, seeing as I am a huge Unbroken fan, but to pull off a weekend trip to California to pick up a copy would have been well over the prices that they are going for right now. Unfortunately, picking up everything and flying cross country wasn't an option, even for Unbroken. With only five hundred being pressed, I was worried that the price would climb even further down the road and didn't want to miss out on one. I know there were people at the show that missed out getting one and that completely sucks, but I also know there were plenty of people picking up multiple copies as well. I'm just glad I had some birthday money to use on it to offset the cost. Here it is Unbroken doing it's best Joy Divsion:

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