Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Two Things At Once

The Marshalls are two of my favorite surfers to watch these days. Maybe its their love of the eighties or their affinty for graffiti, but I like the fact that they do their own thing rather than worrying about what people will think. Or it could be they just kill it every time I see a clip of them at Malibu. Either way, they do their own thing, don't really worry about being a surfer/hipster and do some crazy things with longboards.

The following clips are great surfing-wise, but I must warn you, you could do permanent damage to your ears by listening the Sublime-inspired frat band or the Puddle of Mudd wannabes in the each clip. If the Marshalls had selected the music for these they would have chosen New Order, the Stone Roses or something rad like that. I suggest muting the volume on youtube and putting on Career Suicide or Annihilation Time.

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