Sunday, January 25, 2009

Twin Killing

Since I headed to the Lehigh Valley this weekend, I made the pilgrimage again to Double Decker. It's been said before, but I'll say it again: hands down the best record store on the East Coast. I spent a solid hour digging through piles, stacks and crates of records found inside Double Decker. I didn't go in with the plan to pick up much, but ended up finding a bunch of stuff I wanted including a copy of Chain of Strength's True 'Til Death seven inch in my purchases. It never ceases to amaze what records are instore or just passed through the crates of DD. Not only did I get to check out an Agnostic Front United Blood ep and a Minor Threat In My Eyes seven inch(in the picture below), but Jamie had told me that he just sold the Antidote seven inch just as quickly as it came in. The price tag for just those three records alone was $1,000 dollars easily (AF- $400, MT- $200, Antidote- $400). Needless to say, a photograph of those two records was all I could afford. Thanks to Jamie for letting me take the picture.

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