Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Slab of Fresh Meat

Just got this record in the mail the other day from Breathing Problem Productions. Fresh Meat features members from a bunch of other bands,but don't really sound like any of their previous projects. It doesn't really matter anyway because this record is really good on its own. Initially, I had gotten a hold of their "Summer Blowout" demo and really liked what I heard. This record pretty much picks up where that left off. If you are into Brainbombs, Pissed Jeans or Drunkdriver you should be really into this. A side has "Sweat Her" and the B side track in entitled "Man or Woman" and both songs clock in around three to four minutes. BPP describes it as disgusting and negative music, but trust me, its in a really good way. This is one of the bands that I hope to see live this year.

My copy came with a cassette as well...part of the pre-order package and it wasn't even broken!

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joshuapkelly said...

do you have the means of ripping the "summer blowout" demo tape? i'd love to hear the songs and i'm sure the tapes are long gone at this point.