Thursday, August 21, 2008

Surf Check

With school not starting for another week and a half, it would be great to be getting up and surfing every morning, except for one problem: there hasn't been any swell in weeks. The other morning looked to have a little something filled in but the wind was running too much down at 59th street, creating a pretty good current and not much shape on the faces of the waves. Took a drive further down to Strathmere to check another spot and it was a little better. I ended up paddling out and surfing for about an hour and a half by myself and even though the conditions weren't that memorable, I was glad to finally get out for a little. Found these poor guys turned up on the beach:

Of course there were waves this morning when I had to travel up to Rowan for a teacher inservice. Hopefully, some leftovers tomorrow.

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