Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Daughter Likes Floorpunch?

First ever double post day...

So Maeve loves to dance to lots of stuff, "Swagga Like Us", old reggae, Morrissey, and one of her favorites is the "Thriller" lp. There really isn't any rhyme or reason to what she likes other than some songs do it for her and others bore her I guess. The other day, she surprised the hell out of me when I had "Division One Champs" on the record player-she was dancing! Her moves were pretty good, the only problem was when Porter yells out "GO!" during "Changes" she ran out of the room. I thought I would see if she would dance again for a different song and sure enough, listening to "No Exceptions" she got down. Youth crew in effect:


Maddie said...

cutest video ever. i have watched it on repeat now for five minutes. she is so adorable. she is turning into quite the cute little person. hehe. xo.

caroline said...

So cute!!! I miss you guys!