Monday, February 21, 2011

Twin Killing

Browsing through Vimeo on a lazy Sunday, I stumbled across two Floorpunch videos I haven't seen in there entirety before. Figured I'd post 'em up:

There's a clip of this one on youtube, but this is the first I've seen the full set. It was from The Gate in Stroudsburg, PA and FP played with Atari, Rain on the Parade, Rancor, Hands Tied, Purpose and Saves the Day I think.

floorpunch from timefallsnear on Vimeo.

This set is from the Superbowl of Hardcore in DC if memory serves. Agnostic Front and Warzone were two of the other bands on the bill, but there were more:

floorpunch from timefallsnear on Vimeo.

Dude who posted them has a ton of good videos from Judge to Horror Show to a bunch others.

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