Thursday, December 30, 2010

Get to Work

Fresh Meat was a band. Fresh Meat are no more. Fresh Meat hated a lot of stuff. Fresh Meat flipped a merch table of a touring band one time when I saw them. Fresh Meat put GG Alin on one of their t-shirts. Fresh Meat toured. Fresh Meat destroyed. Fresh Meat were awesome.

Included are the Breathing Problems 7 inch, the Fashionable Idiots 7 inch and the Summer Blowout Demo which is the entire catalog, minus the LP which never was released, except in tape format. All rip.

Fresh Meat

Check it out and track down both records on their respective labels, but the Summer Blowout tape might be harder to come by. Still patiently waiting for my copy of the Hair LP tape. The mail must be slow.

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