Friday, February 12, 2010

You Weren't Right

Between every media outlet's "in depth" coverage of the snow and every Tom, Dick and Harry's coverage (i.e. blogs, facebook photos, twitter updates), I've about had it with snow. Not the snow itself, just the constant talking about it. That doesn't mean I'm not good for a couple more pictures, because if the internet has taught us anything, its that it can give the unimportant the illusion of being important (this blog for example who's readership probably has dipped to new lows). On with the show:

Started digging out early yesterday to hopefully make it over to Ocean City. Pretty tough job...

Until you turn the corner and see the rest of the driveway. Life's not hard you're just soft.

Was dug out by lunch and headed over to OC in the afternoon. 10th street looked fun, but wasn't sure what the rock situation was with all the erosion. Found this stair set up that looked fun as hell with a sled or snowboard.

Skipped over 7th, mainly because it was a mess including a guy ripping around on a quad. So I pulled up to the next spot and it had about five guys out and looked super fun. I grabbed a couple pictures before heading out in the water. Being that I had surfed in a week or two and had just shoveled snow for three hours, I opted for the less consistent side of the jetty, especially since there was a guy shooting pictures and wanted to avoid any documentation in case I was rusty.
The offshores made it a little tricky getting into the wave, but held you up pretty nicely for noserides like this unnamed fellow is heading for.
I think I took this one before I went out. Mystery rider with good form. Wetsuits make it tough to recognize who's who, but this guy was ripping on his single fin.
In case the water wasn't enough of a workout, you could stop by the outdoor gym at 919 and work out. Why would you want to work out after surfing: Because Stone Cold says so!
Cold, but not cold enough to make it an uncomfortable session. All things considered, I really didn't feel cold until I was a block or two from my driveway.


roastmaster said...

I think that's me clay.... I can't remember where that was though....Harry

Clay said...

Right side of the jetty at fifth.