Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Turning the Tide

Some thing just catch you off guard. One of my Christmas gifts from my parents this year was the t-shirt below:
I absolutely could not believe it when I opened the box. I used to wear the above t-shirt at least once a week in high school after seeing Shutdown at Scarlett's back in the day. These were the days when I wore the straight edge banner with pride and this shirt was awesome for so many reasons. Name in Xs? Check. Live shot with kids going off? Check. Youth Crew? Check. Xs on the front? Check.

At the time I thought Shutdown were incredible. Listening to Turning the Tide nowadays I feel, eh whatever. Looking back, they were mediocre, but I know a lot of kids loved them especially once they got to Victory. I just loved the fact that I had a straight edge t-shirt and I wore it with pride in High School. Somewhere along the lines the shirt got lost in the shuffle, and I no longer had the straight edge or the shirt, but I always wished I had held onto it. After bringing the shirt up in conversation a few months ago, my dad asked Dmitri, who ran Positive Face, if he had any shirts left. I can't believe they hooked me up. Just reason number 5,687 why my parents are the best.

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